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Carrot Apple Ginger Tea Cakes, from my new column at see link below.

Last month we had a big party for my father’s birthday, where among many other attendees was a somewhat well-known author whose presence always ensures that there will be at least some wry and witty conversation happening. Upon discovering her identity, one of the other guests gushed something like “Oh wow, it must be so satisfying to make a living doing something you love that is also a creative passion.” The author chuckled and said, ” I’ll let you know after it sinks in a little…I’ve been doing this for twenty years and just started making a living a few months ago. Before now, I just hustled.”

I loved that she said that, cause it is so true for most people who pursue a passion. Unless you are very lucky, you can expect to spend many, many years doing odd jobs on the side, working at what you love for ridiculously low pay, or no pay at all, and not actually achieving a very high level of visibility. Before I had my daughter, when I was still performing around the Boston area with various small dance groups and companies, I was a florist/teacher/baker by day (or night). It was great, but not a lifestyle that could be maintained now. Now I am running a small dance school which gives me just enough (uh, time..? money…?) to give the whole food-writing thing a shot on the side.

I am sure there was a saner way to do this, but I am glad I went this route: it’s a fun sort of crazy that is definitely in stride with who I am.

I am telling you this because I just completed my first assignment for an online food publication, hurray! You can check it out here and thanks to those of you who have been so supportive.

3 thoughts on “Hustling

  1. Awesome Ari. Needless to say, I’m totally with you on this one. I love when people say “that must be so great…” – I think: yeah, I love being poor and having no sense of security in my life. It’s like they think it’s a choice – newsflash: if I didn’t have to live this way (ironically, in order not to go crazy) I wouldn’t,;I’d work a steady day job, and try to enjoy all the many things that are enjoyable about having a little peace of mind, and free time in the evenings and weekends (as a musician that’s when I do a lot of my “work” – I put that in quotes because, you know, it doesn’t count as work if you’re passionate about it and you love it).

    Congratulations on you first food writing gig!

  2. Awesome stuff man, found your post from a related link on my blog. I’m a new fan.

    I read a book recently that really nails down the whole idea of hustling, it’s called “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk, you’d probably dig it.

    Best of luck and congrats on the writing gig!

    1. Thanks Dave, I will check it out. I visited your blog and checked out your music as well- really nice 🙂
      glad you stopped by !

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