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I think I may have mentioned my love for fresh figs. I find them infinitely delicious, intriguing, sensual fruits. Their texture is full of contradictions: firm and soft, tender and crunchy, swollen with fleshiness, yet hollow in the center. Figs are complex and delicate, and fabulously versatile.

While the apple is the perfect symbol of the New World and all-American simplicity and freshness, of crisp Autumn air and bright, cold days, the fig is the epitome of the mediterranean sun and sea, and long, hot afternoons and breezes that sweep across the hills of Jerusalem carrying with them the smells of flowers and fruits and fire.

I hope to come up with enough recipes to do this amazing fruit the justice it deserves.

Fig, honey and goat cheese tart

Don’t think of this recipe as being set in stone. If you are not a goat cheese lover, use cream cheese or yogurt, or some blended silken tofu. The amaretto liqueur can be replaced with vanilla or bourbon. If you like lemons, grate some zest into your custard. You can play with this and make it your own, just be sure to find the best fresh figs that money can buy, as they are the stars of this dessert.


one 9-10 inch pie/tart crust (this one will work well)

1 – six to eight ounce container of spreadable goat cheese (mine was very thin, like sour cream), yogurt, tofutti, cream cheese, or silken tofu (blended)

2 medium – large eggs

2 tsp bourbon/vanilla/amaretto liqueur

1/4 cup sugar

6-10 fresh figs (depending on their size)

a drizzle of honey (citrus blossom is nice)

After you have baked and cooled your crust, prepare the custard.

Mix the goat cheese spread/yogurt/tofu with the eggs until well blended. The mixture should be smooth and pour-able (if it is too thick, add another egg). Whisk in the sugar and liqueur until blended and pour into the tart shell. Bake at 375 F until set and the filling no longer jiggles.

Cool briefly and then arranged the thinly sliced figs on top. Drizzle with honey and serve chilled or at room temp.

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