I hate saying goodbye, I am terrible at it. So I’d like to just get it over with in one fell swoop here, if no one minds.

Goodbye Jerusalem.

Bye Mitzi Pitzi the kitten, and Sarah and David Meir, the adorable little Nachlaot children who are going to take care of you. You lit up our lives!

Goodbye shuk and my favorite goat cheese man who let me bring him money “next time” even though he barely knew me.

Thank you Ilana and the rest of the Samberg family. It is so great that you are here and we cannot wait to see you again.

See you soon Klein-Bells, it was great spending time with you even when someone was puking, hitting, crying or screeching — it was all part of the crazy fun.

Thank you little old ladies of Nachlaot who were constantly wishing us well, telling us to ‘go in peace’ and praising Auralee’s beauty. And thank you Tamar and all the other Nachlaot park moms for being so warm and friendly. It was quite a change from Boston.

Thank you Strauss company for making the most delicious hummus and watermelon popsicles a few shekels can buy.

Goodbye Agripas. You are the most insane street in this city and I hope to never live on you again. And goodbye little apartment, you were clean and comfortable and had no roaches.

See you all very soon ❤

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