A few thank-you’s and a lot of beer


This week I attended the Israeli Beer Expo in Tel Aviv. I was invited to the event by a fellow blogger– an (Alabama-born) Israeli named Michelle, whose blog Baroness Tapuzina has been around for years and has quite a following. The event was even more fun than I had anticipated, not just because it turns out that Israeli beers are quite tasty, but also because I got to meet the eclectic and passionate group of anglo(plus one Finnish)-Israeli food bloggers who have so warmly invited me into their circle. I have a full article coming out about the expo in TasteTLV in a day or two right here, and here are some pictures of the evening and info on the other bloggers whom I attended with.

Liz, of the Cafe Liz blog, getting the scoop from one of the brewers

Irene, a former food-blogger who was working the Golan Brewery's booth-- one of the memorable stops of the evening.

Michelle, snapping some pictures for her blog

There will be more pictures and info on the event in the upcoming article, but I really want to thank Michelle, and Liz as well as the other bloggers, Sarah, of Foodbridge, Miriam, of Israeli Kitchen, and Yael — whose blog is in Finnish but can be translated using the google translate feature — for including me. I look forward to seeing you all at future foodie events!

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