The Moment.


Today I wandered the alleys of Shuk HaCarmel, pulling my little grocery cart with one hand and happily devouring Druze bread stuffed with lemony spinach, in the other. It was divine.

I bought some beautiful tomatoes and basil

And these very spicy greens which are called ‘rashad’ here. Pungent and almost horseradish-like, they may or may not be a type of watercress. Much of their zing disappears when they are cooked, leaving a pleasant, bright flavor, but cut up into small pieces, they could also add a nice zip to salad, when combined with more mild greens.

I like to sautee them and add them to omelets or to the inside of a fried lachoch pocket.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here in Israel, and in the world…. Here’s to being in the moment.

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