I have been waiting for the day when I have some new classic-Ari, Israeli-fusion recipe to share with you all, before posting from our new home here in Jerusalem. It might not happen for a little while.

First of all, a quick note on “What happened to Haifa?”

Yes, we were going to move to beautiful, clean, spacious (and cheap) Haifa, but we a had a little landlady-situation that you may or may not have heard about via facebook:

Renting an apartment in Israel

The long and short of it is that we are here now, in good old Jerusalem, in an old, but spacious apartment on a gorgeous street right near the shuk. Our landlords seem sweet, kind and fair (miracle), and if we are lucky, we will not have to move again for a long, long time.

Not twenty minutes after we arrived in Jerusalem last Wednesday, I charged out of the house, determined not to return without the promise of an oven-delivery in the near future. Five days later I was shoving the little guy into his spot and jamming the gas hose into place (lovingly, of course). Here it is, in all its miniature glory:

Since I am still figuring out the quirks of my new kitchen and how to work efficiently within it, there hasn’t been to much experimenting going on. What has been on the menu are familiar comfort foods like vegetable stew, granola and thai curry with rice, for a little family who just want to feel normal again. We’ll get there.

p.s. I would also like to thank Ellery & Matt and Batsheva & Eli for feeding us our first weekend here, when we were without fridge or stove. It was much appreciated!

Delicious vegetable tart by Ellery

4 thoughts on “Normal

  1. Wow, I feel so honored that my little tart is featured in your blog! 🙂 The tart is the Spring Tart with Asparagus and Red Onion in Yeasted Tart Dough, from the Field of Greens Cookbook by Annie Somerville.

  2. I was wondering why in Jerusalem instead of Haifa until I saw the rest of the posting.Goog luck to your new life there!
    Nice tart.And little Auralee is so cute!

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