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Although finding non-processed, (relatively) inexpensive natural foods in Israel is as simple as a walk to the outdoor market, the same cannot be said for things like natural shampoo, lotion, laundry detergent and so on. There is a quite a premium on non-chemical cleaning products in this country, and for a family on a new-immigrant budget, paying a premium for facial cleanser is not an option.

While I know that it is quite possible to clean a house with little more than apple cider vinegar and baking soda (two staples in my cleaning cupboard back in the States) I am more in the dark when it comes to making one’s own beauty products. A little research online has got my interest peaked however, and I am happy to present you all with my first non-food recipe here on Ari Cooks.

Honey Yogurt Facial Mask

This facial mask is actually completely edible (as most things we put on our bodies should be — after all we absorb everything through our skin!) and quite tasty. Jeff said it “smelled like breakfast”.

1.5 Tbs plain yogurt

1 Tbs all natural honey (the kind that has been boiled or purified does not contain the beneficial nutrients you want to put on your skin)

2-3 Tbs oat flour (I ground up whole oats in my spice grinder

Mix the yogurt and honey in a small bowl and slowly mix in the oat flour until the mixture comes to a consistency that looks thick enough to spread onto your face. Using your fingertips, gently massage mixture onto face avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes (it will dry as it sits on your skin) then wash off thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Seal in the benefits of the mask with a natural facial moisturizer.

12 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Love your blog! Have you by chance found in Israel baking soda that isn’t the baking kind. I mean I know they are the same, but like bigger boxes of it to clean with as opposed to bake with? Thanks!

    1. Samantha, I am also on the look out for large containers of baking soda. My hunch is that they may sell it somewhere in the Arab quarter, but I will certainly let you know if/when I find it! Thanks for reading!

      1. thanks! i would really love to know. i asked my husband if they sell big packages of it anywhere, especially in the cleaning section or something (he’s israeli) and he looked at me like i was an alien from another planet. keep me in the loop if you do, that would be awesome!

      2. I’ve found big bags of baking soda in the supermarket (I remember specifically buying it at Tiv Tam but I’m sure they have it elsewhere). The bag is really nondescript and only in Hebrew and I actually bought it by mistake my first week or so living in Israel, thinking it was sugar or something (that was not the only mix up I made; most were in the dairy dept!). It was in the baking aisle.

        Also, love your blog! Also, this mask looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it. For some reason living in Israel has not been good for my skin. I break out like crazy here.

      3. Hey Katherine, thanks! I love your blog too! Yes, the mask made my skin feel very soft. This week I am going to try a warm honey mask– which is supposedly good for cleaning out pores. If your skin has been breaking out in Beer Sheva, it might be the dry air. I always feel like I need to moisturize more in Jerusalem (which is also VERY dry).

        I found a spice shop in Machae Yehuda that sells baking soda by the kilo, so I am very excited about that. Hope to meet you sooner than later. Happy Summer.

  2. You are right,the ecological cleaners can be quite pricy.but the choise of organic creams and lotions is quite big here in Israel,I think.I make my own general cleaning liquid,which is really easy to make:Just feel a big glass jar with orange skins (after you have juided the oranges for example) fill the jar with regular vinerar and let the whole thing steep for about 3 weeks,shaking the jar here and there. It is a lovely cleaning liquid,cleans well and smells nice and is very cheap to make:)

  3. I make my own soaps out of olive oil and various others. Soap is very cheap to make, safe as you know whats in it and does wonders for your skin too. You can make a shampoo bar as well that is great. Email me if you want a few recipes.

    1. Simcha, wow nice to “meet you” here. I just checked out your blog, very nice. I would love some soap recipes and will be adding you to my blog roll. Ari

  4. It seems like everything I make with baking powder or baking soda simply doesn’t come out right! With baking soda, it often seems to have a bitter taste after its cooked, and nothing seems to rise right with the baking powder. Has anyone else encountered these problems?

    1. Hmm, very curious. It sounds to me like you have wonky measuring spoons. Too much baking soda makes this taste very soapy… Also, are you baking with old baking soda/powder? They eventually lose their powers.

  5. nope – all new powders. will have to check the spoons though. is it possible that i need a different flour to liquid combination here?

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