Welcoming July with Sour Cherry Pie

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There are a lot of food goings-on to catch up with here on my blog. It has been a busy week; I was fortunate to see food-blogger friends more than once, attend a Spider Man birthday party, catch up with Liz and hear about her exciting adventures with the New Orleans Chef Delegation that was here in Israel last week, drink organic Israeli wine with an old friend, and congratulate a new friend, Irene, on her job at the Golan Winery!

And there was cherry pie.

While sweet cherry-season seems to be winding down at the shuk, sour cherries (as well a whole LOT of beautiful tiny okra) have arrived.The feeling that their time is fleeting, pushed me to scoop up a kilo last Sunday, and with Liz’s help, managed to pit the entire kilo in one sitting and bake the pie the same day (the cherry pitter was not so useful for these tiny fruits, and we ended up with very stained hands — part of the fun).

Photo by Liz.

Sour Cherry Pie 

You will need to make a double crust for this pie. Recipe here or here.

Mix the pitted cherries with a couple tablespoons of corn starch or potato starch. MIx in 1/2 cup- 2/3 cup sugar (to taste), plus the juice of half a lemon. Roll out the bottom crust and fit into a 9-10 inch pie plate. Pour in cherry filling.

Top with rolled-out top crust and crimp edges.  Sprinkle the top crust with sugar (you can use egg wash or not, it’s up to you). Bake at 350°F/175°C until the crust is golden and the filling is bubbling ~40 minutes (check periodically, the timing will vary from oven to oven). Wait until the pie is COOL before slicing.

12 thoughts on “Welcoming July with Sour Cherry Pie

    1. I actually felt like things came in early here this year. Last summer the stone fruits were just appearing in July and were VERY expensive. This year prices are much more reasonable. We are also seeing gorgeous figs here now.

      1. The figs are still green on the trees here so Im being patient. The prices here are also much cheaper than last year and the quality is better. There was a slightly higher rainfall so maybe that has something to do with it.

  1. Yummy! I can never seem to make anything with cherries, my kids eat them before I can. It’s always so busy this time of year with so many events and parties. Was great seeing you yesterday.

    1. Sarah, I know what you mean, but the sour cherries are easier to set aside for baking projects. It was fun seeing you as well!

  2. Sarah, likewise! I’ve been meaning to cook something with cherries, but we just keep eating them all …..

    This was a nice, classic-tasting cherry pie.

  3. Yum!! I haven’t made it to the shuk with this heat and my big pregnant belly since strawberries were starting to appear, but that looks like quite a treat! And I hear limes are available, too. Now what do I do with the okra? Every time I buy it, I never get around to making anything.

    1. Yosefa, go to Liz or Sarah Melamed’s blog for okra recipes. They have a couple that are good and easy. The key (apparently) is cooking them in some citric acid or lemon juice to get the sliminess out! Also, limes have not reappeared (sadly) since they made a brief cameo a few weeks ago, but I am keeping an eye out for their return…

  4. pitting entire kilo in one sitting .. OMG! I love eating cherries but the idea of pitting makes me stop from baking with it. This pie looks lovely and a great way to welcome July 🙂

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