figs, honey & feta

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In an outdoor market full of beautiful figs, I was nearly giddy when I came across the most gorgeous, plump, perfectly shaped specimens this season could possibly offer.

The only way to do these fruits justice was to serve them unadulterated with flavors that complimented their seasonal perfection. Figs, I love you.

Mediterranean Fig, Honey and Feta Breakfast

This could also be a snack, dessert, or appetizer. All that really matters is that the fruits are fresh and room temperature and that the honey and feta and both good-quality.


Goat Feta

Pure Honey

Whole wheat bread of your choice (I got seeded whole wheat honey bread from Russell’s Bakery at Machane Yehuda).

Slice the figs in half or quarters, top with small slices of goat feta and drizzle with honey. Serve with whole wheat bread.

5 thoughts on “figs, honey & feta

  1. You’re absolutely right about combining wonderful figs with at the most 2 pure flavors. Saw figs in the shuk last week – waited till today to make sure they’re mature and sweet. Now I really do have to get out and buy some.

  2. That’s a lovely spread. Aren’t the figs in the souk the most beautiful you’ve ever seen? I know they are by far the largest I have come across and always very flavorful and juicy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve been eating figs with Tzfatit cheese for a few years now, but never thought about the honey drizzle. I’m going to spoil myself this Shabbat, thanks!

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