The Next Step


Obviously things have changed a lot around here since we arrived in Israel. Some changes have been very welcome, others have been tougher to adjust to. The past 11 months have been extremely eye-opening to say the least. I (foolishly) did not expect to be quite so shaken and stirred simply by returning to a place where I spent much of my child and teenage-hood, where I learned to swim, to love cats, where I met and fell in love with my husband. There are countless ways in which life is different than it was a year ago, and one of the biggest has to do with time. It was inevitable that we would have to struggle to keep our heads above water financially (moving countries with no savings is kind of nuts), but the day-to-day manifestation of that reality is that we have less free time to play with and certainly a very strong incentive to manage that time well.

The structure of this blog is similar to many of the food blogs I know. It began, and continued to exist for two years, as a place where I would share and discuss the recipes I loved, how it felt to make them, what was happening around the food we were eating and the people I cook for, who inspires me in the kitchen and the people I surround myself with who also share my love of food. It went without saying that I would post a recipe a week on average and that those recipes would be more or less seasonal or somehow relevant to life in that moment. Things have changed a lot since september 2009, and it’s time to admit to myself that the way I relate to this blog is changing as well.

While cooking at home will always be part of my life, photographing the cooking process and the finished product and still having time to write about it all is another matter for the time being. While I don’t want to let go of the blog entirely, its structure needs to change in order for me to continue to manage it on top being mom, wife and full-time kitchen gal at the cafe.

For the foreseeable future, I will be posting links to recipes around the web, stories from the kitchen at the cafe, and the occasional recipe. As an incentive for me to continue to be involved with my readers (thank you, all) and the food community at large I am inviting a more interactive discussion about food, ingredients and cooking techniques here, on facebook and on twitter. I hope you’ll all continue to join me! xo Ari

9 thoughts on “The Next Step

    1. Thank you so much! It’s so nice to know. I did think for a minute about taking a blogging hiatus, but I think this will work out.

  1. Good for you, it sounds like a sensible plan. I’m another one looking forward to cafe stories. Someday you’ll put them all together and write a book!

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