“The way we were” cookies

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These tasty almond cookies are a throwback to a more austere time in our little household’s eating and cooking life. When Jeff and I were first living together in Boston, he expressed his true love by suffering through a more extreme attitude towards eating and health on my part, without a single complaint. Although I have mellowed a great deal (and no longer consider nightshade vegetables deadly poison), I have always carried some of the principles and even the practices of Macrobiotics with me as the years have passed. Recently I’ve also been feeling that as life gets more complicated I want to eat more simply. Not only purer ingredients, but also simpler preparation (this is also out of necessity as I am underserviced by kitchen appliances for the time being). I think that I pretty much hit the highest level of exposure to fancy food and cooking techniques that I wish to have, when I attended pastry school, and during our pre-Auralee foodie-discover days in Cambridge. I understand and respect gastro chemistry for what it is, but I cannot forsee a day where I will honestly wish that I had tasted more food foam in my life. Right now, I am enjoying finding out what the internet and blogosphere have added to the culture of Macrobiotics since we were following the movement (pre-blogs and pre-home computer, for us) and it’s nice to see that some of the new voices in that community are willing to include ingredients such as tomatoes, baking soda and a wider variety of raw produce and cooking oils. It’s very exciting to see the way an eating lifestyle can evolve with the freedom and accessibility the internet provides.

I have been enjoying Gary Alinder’s blog Macrochef immensely this past week and have discovered his website Macrochef.org, the Macrobiotic resource for the Palo Alto area as well. These almond cookies are adapted from his site, the only change being that I used regular whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour, as it is unavailable here in Israel (if anyone knows otherwise, do tell!)

Find the almond cookie recipe here. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on ““The way we were” cookies

    1. Shira,
      I think macrobiotcs could be good for people with gluten intolerance, the issue that comes to mind however is being able to get your hands on kosher, gluten free soy sauce. Do you already know a company that makes such a product? At work we use something that is mahadrin but not gluten free. I mention this because macrobiotic menus use a lot of soy and tamari sauce. Also, if you have issues with grains that cross pollenate with wheat then it might be out of the question. Do you eat brown rice? Qinoua? Oats?
      Hope that’s helpful!

  1. What do you mean you won’t regret having eaten more foam??? BTW have I told you about my (single) foray into molecular gastronomy? I have some chemicals for making caviar, sitting and waiting to be tried.

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