The frying season


At work, we’ve been up to our ears in fried potato pancakes (levivot) and doughnuts filled with jam, chocolate,and dulce de leche (sufganiyot). Orders of 40 or 50 levivot have not been uncommon and I can’t blame the folks, you gotta taste these to believe ’em.

Linda, the owner of the cafe, holding a plate of Mali's A-MAZING levivot.

At home, I’ve been trying some new recipes from around the web, some of which are not traditional Hanukka foods but may become so in our family, like Sarah’s kurdish carrot fritters.

I added some cumin, fennel and coriander to her recipe, and though they did not look quite as beautiful as Sarah’s, we gobbled them up.

I also loved Liz’s post on traditional Moroccan doughnuts (recipe included).

And these banana fritters from Dishing Up Nirvana, are on the weekend agenda without a doubt. They look unbelievably good.

Wishing you all a Happy Hanukka! Enjoy this sweet, joyful, and delicious holiday.

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