See you there

Yafo, 2011

Yafo, 2011

Hey All,

We are on the cusp of another major transition: In five months we will be moving back Stateside. Where exactly is still undecided (oh, how I love the suspense) but there are many preparations underway and not a small amount of apprehension, excitement and anxiety. Meanwhile, the time has come to say goodbye to new posts on Ari Cooks! I am not taking down the blog as it definitely still draws activity and is very useful to me as a reference (I will still be moderating comments here as well), but after 4+ years of blogging here I am ready to change the tone and focus of my writing just a bit.

I hope you will visit my new blog, The Dreamy Day where there will still be recipes, but also posts about life, motherhood, Israeli-Americaness and certainly our adventures in our new Home-to-be.

Thank you all for reading, commenting, and encouraging my blogging-efforts!

Lots of Love, Ari

3 thoughts on “See you there

  1. Bittersweet! It will be sad to no longer get excited each time a new AriCooks appears in my email, reading and drooling over recipes… And excited for the Dreamy Day and all that is has to bring. Thanks Ariella for sharing!

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