I am…

…probably in the kitchen, dreaming of a chocolate layer cake, looking up recipes, poking a freshly baked loaf of bread, melting butter, whisking something, chopping vegetables, eating a cookie, drinking tea, taking a long walk, wandering the outdoor market, squeezing my daughters, trying to breathe deeply, in need of a cold beer, wishing I had more counter space…

27 thoughts on “I am…

  1. Fantastic site Ari!
    Am waiting to see more recipes and pictures up here!
    If you need any help or are in a pinch for a recipe, let me know and I’ll see what I can do 😉

    1. Thanks Ofer! Maybe at some point I’ll do a ‘recipes from friends in far-away places’ post. That would be fun. I’ll let you know 🙂

  2. if you need any help tasting any of your recipes, let me know and i’ll see if me and my belly can help out. seriously. and seriously fun to see this out in the world! congrats, keep the posts comin.

  3. Mizz Ari, ur daughter is so cute I want to jump through the screen and play in the pumpkin patch with her! And isn’t she a lucky little lady, gets to sample of of mama’s goodies!!! THANK you for these recipes, I’m going to go at the granola now 😉

  4. Ariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……please please please put up some dairy free whate free recipies for the season…I love your pumpkin curry etc…you know you should do a theme just for this month …the most sincere pumpkin recipies from the most sincere pumkin patch……


  5. Hi Ariella- I just printed out 32 pages of your blogs. Love the recipes, your written word, but mostly the pictures of my grandaughter! Keep them coming. Oh, and the recipes too!

  6. hi ariella… i didnt know that you has a website. its neat that you do. maybe ill talk my mother into making some good recipies. neat pic from the apple orchird (i think). keep putting the berries in one at a time

    1. Thanks Charlie! Nice of you to check it out. Let me know if your mom does make any of the recipes and how it comes out 🙂

  7. Brava!!!
    Your work is beautiful. Your recipes sound great. I can’t wait to try some. And your writing is so enjoyable. When’s the novel coming? Have you read “School of Essential Ingredients”? You’d love it!

  8. Happened upon your site, very nice. I also love to cook and we have a rather large desert garden here in So. NM (USA!) Question to you: considering juicers…do you think the Breville 800 Elite is worth the $$$, what are your thoughts on the Breville dual Elite w/ puree disc only available from WmsSonoma and pricier than the previous one I mentioned. Just your thoughts please would surely help me decide. Thanks very much!

  9. Ariella,
    A wonderful(and reasonably accurate)tribute to a unique woman who left an indelible mark on the younger generations of her family. The love and humor always shine through in your reminiscences.

  10. Hey Ari – This is Neal Simpson from Brookline Patch. We met briefly at the Coolidge Corner Arcade building a few months ago during the fruit pie contest (I interviewed you for a video feature on our website). When you have a chance, I was hoping to talk to you about a project we’re working on at Patch. You can reach me anytime at neal@patch.com or 781-698-7785. Thanks!

    – Neal

  11. Hi Ariella,

    I’m Tzipora from NY- I work with your mom, who told me about your site. It’s gorgeous and I am making your waldorf redux for Shabbat (I love wheatberries).

    Thanks and hope to meet someday!

  12. Enjoying your recipes and pics, love everything about yerushalayim and would love to see pics of what u buy at the shooks in all cities, miss it much.
    make the iced tea, cause its so hot here in texas. Hibiscis is really popular right now and its yummy!!

  13. I subscribe to Ari Cooks so I’ve never been to the home page. A stunning picture of a stunning woman! I read every recipe, even though I don’t cook and my mouth waters each time! Keep up the great work Ari and hope to see you soon. Lots of love, Anna

  14. Hi Ari,

    Thank you for the delicious recipes and delightful stories and photographs. I enjoy subscribing to your blog via email, but have you considered adding an rss feed? Or perhaps you have one that I’ve missed? I’d love to add you to my reader list.


    1. Jess, since I changed my blog’s theme, I’ve had trouble restoring the RSS feed. I will keep working on it. Thanks for reading. Ariella

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